Note from the President

Blue Line Corporation is proud to offer you fine inorganic materials. Whether your material needs are research quantities or truckload volumes, Blue Line is prepared to meet your product requirements.

With a wide range of material, compounding and formulating capabilities, and an aggressive, exacting attitude, Blue Line is what you have been looking for in your preferred chemical supplier.

We manufacture and operate by the following rules:

1. The customer comes first and every customer is our preferred customer.

2. Produce to customer specifications or better, each and every time.

3. Maintain clear communication with the customer at all times.

4. Every batch must be consistent and meet our highest standards.

5. Produce quality products quickly and safely.

6. Compete on price and win your continuing business with quality.

These tenets made Blue Line what it is today. We are continuously working to produce new products, new compounds and proprietary organosols.

We welcome your inquiries about unique products and formulating needs and look forward to working with you.

Jon Blumenthal

President & CEO